Jeremy P. Feakins

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Feakins, a British-born entrepreneur with U.S. citizenship, is an accomplished senior executive renowned for his diverse skill set spanning industries, continents, and business innovation. With a substantial professional journey characterized by influential leadership and pioneering ventures, Jeremy’s impact is evident across his roles as a company founder, investor, advisor, and property developer.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Jeremy has orchestrated notable success stories from inception to public prominence in the United States and the United Kingdom. His collaborative management approach, centered on consensus-building and participatory decision-making, consistently fosters environments conducive to practical solutions.

As the Chairman of the Board and principal stockholder and investor for Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE), Jeremy has invested in innovative technology and embarked on a mission to tackle global challenges. Focusing on clean water scarcity, reliable energy access, and sustainable food production, Jeremy’s visionary approach underscores Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology’s potential to reshape the global landscape.

He directed comprehensive studies to validate OTEC’s viability in the Caribbean and for remote U.S. military bases in the Asia Pacific regions. Jeremy spearheaded a $120 million Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) project and has developed renewable energy opportunities for the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial organizations. He has navigated environmental impact studies, permitting processes, and financing negotiations, positioning OTEC for long-term success.

Jeremy’s entrepreneurial drive and commitment to affordable housing encouraged him to establish the OZFund, Inc. This strategic platform leverages the Opportunity Zone program established under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, promoting investment in economically disadvantaged communities. Utilizing tax incentives, the initiative drives sustainable economic growth, exemplified by projects in Pennsylvania that reflect Jeremy’s community-focused vision.

Transformative initiatives punctuate Jeremy’s entrepreneurial journey. He founded Medical Technology & Innovations, Inc. (MTI) in 1992, exemplifying his dedication to health innovation. To enhance children’s eyecare, MTI designed, developed, and introduced the PhotoScreener—a patented microprocessor-based device for detecting eye disorders in preverbal and challenging-to-screen children. Jeremy’s strategic leadership guided MTI through global distribution, acquisitions, and a thriving U.S. public listing, culminating in a partnership that transferred distribution rights to a worldwide eyewear company.

A veteran of the British Royal Navy, Jeremy’s commitment to service and excellence echoes throughout his professional life. After graduating from the Royal Naval Supply School (now Defense College of Logistics, Policing, and Personnel Administration), his appointments included serving aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and assignments with the British NATO contingent in Lisbon, Portugal, along with other duties.

Jeremy Feakins is a catalyst for change, a visionary driving progress, and a champion of innovation across industries and borders. His legacy resides in the transformative companies he has nurtured, the revitalized communities, and the global challenges he fearlessly confronts. Jeremy embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial leadership through every endeavor, propelling us toward a sustainable future.

Gerald S. Koenig – General Counsel

Gerald is a U.S. lawyer with over 30 years of experience in international legal, business and government expertise. He has specialized knowledge and experience in federal contracting, domestic and international business, government relations, financing and information technology. His previous government experience includes service as a member of President Ronald Reagan’s White House Staff. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, he served as a helicopter pilot with the U.S. Army.

Edward Baer – Senior Financial Advisor

Edward M. Baer has more than 30 years of senior financial management experience, beginning his career with Arthur Andersen. From 1971 – 1993, Ed was the Chief Financial Officer of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Cancer Society. From 1993 – 2009, Ed was the Founder and Principal of the Investment Banking firm Marston Group.

Jordan Stewart – Vice President of Finance

Jordan Stewart’s visionary leadership extends across finance, data analytics, and sustainability. As a driving force behind OZFund, he’s achieved unprecedented success, steering finance solutions with over a decade of expertise that transcends conventional boundaries.

Notably, Jordan’s impact goes beyond traditional finance roles. His strategic insights have powered remarkable advancements, including OZFund Inc’s groundbreaking 52-unit affordable apartment project in Lancaster, PA. Moreover, Jordan’s influence resonates in his role at a cutting-edge NYC real estate tech firm, where he leads the analytics team, spurring innovation that propels the industry forward.

Beyond his corporate roles, Jordan’s hands-on real estate finesse is evident in transformative property renovations and intricate deals. However, his influence doesn’t stop there. With an MBA from West Chester University and a BS from Lebanon Valley College, his academic foundation matches his professional accomplishments.

Notably, Jordan’s impact is more comprehensive than finance and real estate. His journey includes providing finance and analytical support at Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC), where his financial acumen merges with a sustainable focus. OTEC technology embodies his commitment to environmental stewardship, making waves in renewable energy.

Jordan’s story embodies innovation, dedication, and a profound commitment to tangible impact. Across finance, real estate, and sustainability, his legacy is defined by transformative change and lives touched.

Paula Vitz – Business Development Director

Paula has a 40-plus-year history of political involvement in Pennsylvania.  She most recently retired as Vice President of Capital Associates, Inc., a pre-eminent governmental affairs firm in Harrisburg. Previously, she served as  Deputy Director under Governor Tom Ridge and was a Chief of Staff in the PA Senate.  In her role as Vice President, she was responsible for strategic and political consulting, policy development, lobbying and advocacy.  She has been involved in bringing new industry and development opportunities throughout Pennsylvania.  Paula holds a BS from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She has served on many state, regional and local organization’s boards and foundations.