JPF Ventures is an experienced investor and business advisor that has started, led, managed or advised start-up, small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s) in the United States (U.S.) or United Kingdom (UK).

The decision of the UK to leave the European Union (EU) creates a new opportunity for individuals and SME’s to start, grow or expand their business in the U.S. or UK. Ongoing U.S.- UK trade discussions will develop new approaches to emerging trade areas where the U.S. and the UK share common interests and are global leaders.

The economic relationship between the U.S. and UK is enormous. With transatlantic business valued at over $127 billion annually and trade in services over $134 billion, the U.S. and UK also share one of the largest bilateral investment relationships in the world, valued at over $1.3 trillion. This centuries-old relationship is a source of prosperity and security, directly supporting almost 3 million jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, and many millions more indirectly. The relationship between the U.S. and the UK is special and thriving.

Take advantage of our decades of verifiable international and domestic corporate and organizational experience with starting, managing, financing and/or expanding businesses of all sizes.

Our experience includes renewable energy, eCommerce, sustainable living, organic consumer products, agriculture, medical devices and capital markets.

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