We are on a mission to increase equity and economic opportunity to entrepreneurs by investing knowledge, social and financial capital.

JPF Venture Group, Inc is an experienced investor and business advisor that has started, led, managed or advised start-up, small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s) in the United States (U.S.) and the United Kingdom (UK). We provide investment capital and business development needs to U.S. businesses and British companies who are considering starting or growing their business operations in the United States.

We focus on sustainable business ideas with an emphasis on businesses located in the Opportunity Zones of central Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our experience includes starting, funding, managing and operating companies in renewable energy, community-focused property development, artificial intelligence (AI), eCommerce, retail and convenience stores, ecological living, organic consumer products, agriculture, hemp/CBD, medical devices and capital markets.

Our current projects include OZFund, Inc., a community focused property developer and Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTEC), a company that is commercializing a renewable energy and clean water production technology known as Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

We welcome inquiries from all businesses that need help and assistance.

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