Advisory and Consulting Services to Help You Start, Develop and Grow Your Business

Being a small business owner takes a lot of know-how. Learning how to write a successful business plan and understanding what bankers look for, determining the best way to manage business operations including your taxes, accounting, employee insurance, payroll and marketing –– it all can be overwhelming.

For more than 35 years our experienced business partners have been advising and working hand-­in-hand with many entrepreneurs. We help Entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their businesses.

Through our professional network, our clients have access to trusted advisors who have established relationships and local expertise in business law, marketing, real estate, financing and more.

We appreciate how challenging it is to start and fund a business and position it for long term success. JPF Ventures can help.


An equitable and just society where communities can flourish and people can thrive through entrepreneurship. We believe in inclusive free enterprise, evenhanded economic development, and community prosperity.


Our impact is long-term and far-reaching. JPF Ventures launches and grows businesses, creates jobs, and builds community wealth.

Our senior partners have decades of experience with starting and managing companies together with many years of relationship building with federal/state governments and equity/debt markets.

We have listed companies in the public markets in both the U.S. and Europe.

Additionally, we have thousands of professional and corporate contacts and a verifiable track record in introducing investors to new and established businesses. We research available business incentives at the federal, state and local level.

We can help assess and develop a clear plan of what you will need to do to launch a successful business or expand your existing enterprise. This includes understanding your business and needs for equity or debt funding, legal considerations, adherence to government regulations, federal, state and local assistance (where available), human resource sensitivities, best locations, shipping/distribution and immigration considerations for executive and key personnel.