JPF Venture Group, Inc. (JPF Ventures), based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA with offices in London, UK, offers a full array of advisory services for companies wishing to expand their business in either the USA or EU (European Union).

JPF Ventures offers to help SME’s expand or introduce their businesses by taking advantage of many years’ experience of our senior partners, who are themselves, international business owners, with deep personal knowledge of the USA and EU.

With our years of successful management experience with small and medium-sized businesses, our proficiencies include:

  • Assisting companies who wish to expand in the USA or EU including-
    • evaluating and sourcing the funding that will be required for a successful expansion of your business
    • reviewing potential business locations, including the use of Foreign Trade Zones
    • review of alternative structures such as joint ventures
    • setting up of companies
    • planning of offices/manufacturing/distribution facilities, including business incubator/shared offices where appropriate
    • developing a strategy to introduce your products to market by creating public relations, marketing, and sales campaigns (including e-commerce)
    • building a human resource strategy to find the people you will need
  • Liaising with Federal, State and local governments in the USA and European and British Government departments to obtain support
  • Researching the regulatory framework as it applies to your business
  • Managing legal work on behalf of our clients through our prestigious law firm partners
  • Advising through our partner immigration attorney and immigration requirements