JPF Venture Group Principals have decades of experience with starting, managing, operating and selling businesses in both the U.S., UK and other countries worldwide:

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE) Lancaster, PA., US Virgin Islands, and O’ahu, Hawaii.

  • JPF Ventures is a major investor in Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE). OTE’s Executive Team includes our senior partners serving as Chairman/CEO, General Counsel and Head of Government Affairs.   
  • OTE is a project developer in the renewable electricity and potable water business utilizing Company-owned Intellectual Property and the years of hands-on experience of its Oceanographers, Engineers, and Marine Scientists.
  • OTE designs Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) power plants and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) plants for large commercial properties. These technologies provide practical solutions to mankind’s three oldest and most fundamental needs: clean drinking water, plentiful food, and sustainable, affordable energy without the use of fossil fuels.
  • The vision for OTE is to bring these technologies to tropical and subtropical regions of the world where about 3 billion people live. The market includes several US Department of Defense bases situated in the Asia Pacific and other regions where energy independence is crucial.
  • OTE plans to be the first company in the world to design and build commercial-scale OTEC and SWACs plant with several promising projects in the planning stages.

Medical Technology & Innovations, Inc. Riviera Beach, FL. Cedar Falls, IA. and Lancaster, PA

  • Our Principal built a high growth technology medical device/products company from the ground up. 
  • Company developed a first to market vision screening device (“The PhotoScreener“), designed to identify serious eye problems in young, preverbal or difficult to screen children. 
  • Company addressed all research, development and manufacturing activities through to national recognition (physician, academic and consumer focus groups, professional literature review, beta trials and testing, clinical studies, etc.)
  • Company’s innovative screening device provided early detection for eye disorders in a large number of under-screened segment of young preverbal children and special needs children who did not receive effective vision screening, due to a lack of adequate methodology.
  • Expansion capital arranged from private, institutional and governmental agencies.
  • Successfully took company public providing investors with a 500% return on their original investment.
  • Company sold the PhotoScreener distribution rights to a major eyewear company.

Caspian International Oil Corporation, Houston, TX. and Almaty, KZ

  • Our Principal was an investor and served as Executive Vice Chairman of Caspian Oil Corporation, a Kazakhstan oil and gas company, a holding company that owned 95% of the equity in each of two limited liability partnerships organized under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The businesses provided oil field services such as 2D and 3D seismic acquisitions, data processing and interpretation, reservoir modeling, and topography, and operated an oil field in western Kazakhstan.

Queen Street Development Partners, LP, Lancaster, PA

  • Queen Street Development Partners is a Pennsylvania Partnership focused on acquiring commercial properties for rehabilitation. Partnership has acquired and developed properties in Lancaster City and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania including the prior Rebman’s Building in Lancaster City.

OZFund, Inc. Lancaster, PA

  • The OZFund is a property developer that is advancing plans to build mixed-use affordable residential apartments and commercial spaces in Central Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic Regions. The company’s first project is underway in the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at 800 S. Queen Street, the site of the former Rebman’s warehouse.
  • This proposed redevelopment on a major corridor at the city’s southern gateway will provide 72 affordable apartments in what would be one of the first new-construction affordable apartment projects developed in the city in 50 years, helping to increase the city’s currently low residential inventory and address the very strong demand for new housing and urban living.
  • The proposed housing units will be offered at rents based on 60-80% of average median income (AMI), to help meet the community’s recent and critical need for affordable housing.
  • Zoning approval for the project has been approved.
  • The OZFund is a $20.0 million property development company focused on affordable housing for America’s working families.